Online Murder Mystery

Culinario Mortale Online gives you the possibility to organize your own online murder mystery dinner game at home. Each player can access their game materials conveniently on their smartphone, tablet or computer. Sending printed game booklets or downloading and printing them yourself is no longer necessary. This makes it possible to host a murder mystery dinner game via video chat (for example using Skype, Zoom, etc.)

Visit to create a digital murder mystery game using your support code. The game works in exactly the same way as our printed murder mystery games. The only difference is that you can access all the game materials, such as your role description and evidence rounds, using your smartphone.

Downloadable Murder Mystery Parties

As host, you can create a game as soon as you have logged in using your support code. You will find out what the case is about and which characters you need to assign to your fellow players. You can of course choose your own role as well.

We generate unique access links for each of the players, which you can distribute via email, WhatsApp or text message. Each player receives their own (secret) game documents via the link. The access link therefore replaces the personal game booklets.

Please note that you can only create one game using your support code. You can delete your game at any time up until the third evidence round. After you have opened the third round, it is no longer possible to delete your game or create new games using the same support code.

Since we are closely following the COVID-19 situation ourselves, we have decided to make our games available online until further notice to all customers who have purchased one of our murder mystery dinner games on our website or in stores since 01/01/2020. You can use the support code included with the game to create an online game at

We have compiled answers to frequently asked questions here. If you have a question that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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