Structure of the Game

Each Culinario Mortale game consists of three rounds with a clear game structure. We have listed the individual phases of the game for you. The structure of the game and the section on the rules of the game can be found in every game booklet.

We intentionally omitted the topic of food from the structure of the game. Depending on your personal preferences and number of courses, there are several ways to integrate your dinner menu into the game. You can either leave longer breaks between rounds, allowing you time to eat, or you can eat during the game itself.

Start of the Game

The host should read aloud the sections Game Rules, Structure of the Game (this text) and Background. Each player introduces themself in a couple of sentences. Following this, Paul Hopkins reads the Prologue from the incident booklet.

Round 1

After being prompted by the host, all players read Round 1 in silence. You should then discuss the first period of time from the evening of the crime.

Round 2

All players read Round 2 in silence. The host reads Incident A from the incident booklet. Everyone discusses the second period.

Round 3

All players read Round 3 in silence. The host reads Incident B from the incident booklet. Everyone discusses the final period.

Accusation and Defense

Each player makes an accusation against one other player. All accused suspects have the chance to defend themselves. Following this, the group votes on who they want to accuse of the crime.


The Solution is read aloud. Did you manage to identify the perpetrator or did they go undetected?