Murder Mystery Dinner Party Game

An exciting Murder Mystery Game Shadow over Westongrove Manor

Somebody attempted to poison the old company patriarch, Anthony Westongrove. But Anthony survived the cowardly murder attempt and is now trying to find the perpetrator so he can remove them from his will.

Murder Mystery game for 6 – 8 players. Now available.

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Murder Mystery Games

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Our murder mystery dinner games can now be played online!

Culinario Mortale Online makes it possible to play our murder mystery dinner games online. Each player can access their game materials conveniently on their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Sending printed game booklets is no longer necessary. This makes it possible to host a murder mystery dinner game via video chat (for example using Skype, Zoom, etc.).

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Host your own murder mystery party

Invite your friends round for a murder mystery dinner at home. All of the players get to slip into the roles of the main suspects in an exciting criminal case.

The objective of the game is to convict the perpetrator – one of the people sitting with you at the table. This can only be achieved if all the players discuss the course of events together and compare their experiences of the crime. But be careful! Each character (including you) has their own dark secrets which they’d be better off keeping to themselves.

What is a murder mystery game?
Murder mystery game “Shadow over Westongrove Manor” Murder mystery game “Expedition of Death” Murder mystery game “A Recipe for Death”

The Scene of the Crime: Your Dinner Table

Our murder mystery dinners promise you an unforgettable evening of excitement, intrigue and surprises. The best part is that the action takes place right at your own dinner table. The idea behind the game is quite simple. Since the Game Rules fit on just one page, even murder mystery newbies will quickly get the hang of it.

The support code included with your game will allow you to easily download the role descriptions in advance and distribute them among your guests. This will ensure each guest has time to find the right costume and really get into their role in their own time.

Murder mystery game “Murder Overboard”
  • “I have played a number of murder mysteries now and have to say: I am very impressed. The thing that stands out is the amount of care the creators have put into the details.” What others say

Exciting Criminal Cases

Have you always dreamt of starring in a theatre production? Or being an archaeologist in the Peruvian jungle? Or a gifted stared chef? Then our murder mystery games for 5 – 8 players will be right up your street.

The idea behind the game is quite simple, but it takes a true detective to solve our murder cases. Each of our murder mystery dinners deserves an entire evening, and will last for several hours. That’s why we’ve created a complementary menu suggestion for each murder case. This will ensure your dinner is a culinary success as well.

Multiple Culinario Mortale games Game materials “Deadly Fame” Game materials “Murder Overboard”

The perfect gift for murder mystery lovers

Culinario Mortale games make for a perfect gift. Give your friends, family or colleagues their own murder mystery dinner which they can host themselves. Whether it’s for a birthday, New Year’s Eve party, or your next barbecue, our game boxes contain everything you’ll need for an unforgettable evening.

Murder Mystery Game as a gift