Frequent Questions

We’ve collected together some of the questions people frequently ask about our murder mystery dinner games. If you have a question which is not listed here, please do contact us.

Your games specify a different number of players, for example 5 – 7, how does this work?

Our murder mystery games were developed for a variable number of players. The game manual contains sealed sections depending on the number of players. You simply open the section which corresponds to the number of players you have (e.g. 6 players). This will tell you which roles you need to assign, and which you can leave out. Please note that our games are not all intended for 5 – 7 players. We also have games for 5 – 8 and 6 – 8 players. The exact number can be found on the product page of the game in question.

I have no experience with role-playing games. How hard is it?

You do not need any experience with role-playing games. The important thing for a murder mystery game is that you enjoy discussing and investigating. That’s just what Culinario Mortale is about.

One of my game booklets has gone missing. What should I do?

Don’t panic! We have already planned for eventualities such as this. Every game includes a unique support code. This will allow you to download lost game materials and print them out yourself at home.

What does ‘male characters can be played by women and vice versa’ mean?

In our experience, any role can be played just as well by anyone regardless of gender. This doesn’t mean the gender of the character changes – You shouldn’t turn Patrick into Patricia! This could cause problems in the story and cause players to get confused. Instead, we can simply reassure you that any character can be played by anyone. In our experience, this just makes playing the game all the more fun.

Do I need to be able to act?

No, you don’t need a particular talent for acting! Carefully reading your character’s description before the game begins is more than enough. Murder mystery games place the focus on discussion and having fun with the other players. If you wish, you may like to dress up to match your role. Have a look at your character’s illustration and description for inspiration. In our experience, costumes make the game a lot more fun and make it much easier to really get into the roles.

Does the murderer know right from the start that they are the murderer?

Yes, every player knows right from the start whether they are guilty or innocent. Of course, all of the characters have their own dark secrets which they want to keep to themselves.

Do I have to dress up?

No, it is not necessary to dress up. But perhaps you have an idea for a cool outfit that matches your character. It doesn’t just help you get into your role – it’s also a lot of fun.

How long do your murder mystery parties take?

This depends entirely on how talkative the players are. But in our experience, a game takes around 2 – 4 hours including breaks and allowing enough time to eat.

What age are the games appropriate for?

There is of course no upper limit in terms of the age of the players. But in order to cast characters in a realistic manner, players should be at least 16 years of age. Please also note that the content is not always appropriate for children, given the amorous encounters between some of the characters.

Übernehme ich als Gastgeber auch eine Rolle? Kann ich also mitspielen?

Ja. Als Gastgeber kannst du dir eine der zu verteilenden Rollen aussuchen. Für dich als Gastgeber gelten die gleichen Spielregeln wie für alle Mitspieler.

As a host, how can I prepare for the evening?

Please take your time to read the game manual. It’s concise and clearly written, and contains everything you need to know. If you don’t have your murder mystery game yet, you can read the information on our website. The game manual will help you distribute the roles in advance – either personally or conveniently via email. Apart from that, the only thing left to prepare are the finishing touches. The decorations and something tasty to eat.

I can’t cook! Do I really need to prepare food?

You don’t have to be a five-star chef. But since a game can last up to four hours, your guests will definitely be grateful if you can offer them something to eat. We have created a number of menu suggestions for you. And if you really can’t stand cooking… Ok, we admit it… We may have ordered pizza when we tested the games – guilty as charged!

Are the cases available in other languages?

Yes, you can also get our crime games in German and French. And, if you live in Japan, there is also a Japanese language version.

As the host, can I organise the game without knowing who the perpetrator is?

Yes, you will not learn any secret information when organising the mystery dinner and you will not know who the perpetrator is. The same rules apply to you as to your fellow players. Since you choose one of the roles to be distributed for yourself, it can even happen that you take on the role of the perpetrator.