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Murder at the Grand Hotel


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During the ceremonial opening of the New York Grand Hotel the actress Monique Moreau is found dead in her suite. How could the opening celebration end so tragically?


New York, August 1962. Welcome to the city that never sleeps! Everybody who was anybody had come to Manhattan to celebrate the opening of the magnificent Grand Hotel – aspiring politicians, powerful industrialists and beautiful actresses. The largest luxury hotel in the United States was set on redefining the term “five-star”, and was also to be the crown jewel in the empire of Frederic Price. The hotel tycoon was one of the richest men in the country. Since his marriage to the actress Dóra Galor, he was now even better known than before.

The opening speeches were full of praise, and the guests ate and drank copious amounts from the five-course menu. The evening had all the hallmarks of an incredible coming-together of American high society. Once the official part of the event was over, the guests gathered for an exuberant cocktail party at the longest hotel bar in the entire city. But the evening took a tragic turn when the young actress Monique Moreau was found dead in the bathtub of her hotel suite late in the evening. The idea that the young woman, described by the media as the next Dóra Galor, would take her own life is rejected by everyone as incredible.

The police were informed immediately. But it will take the authorities hours to search the entire hotel and secure all the relevant evidence. You have all been requested to stay here in the lobby. Until the police have questioned everybody, you are all on your own in solving the mystery, asking the questions: what happened this evening? How could the opening celebration end so tragically?

Circle of Suspects

Slip into these roles for one night.

  • Frederic Price (65)
    Frederic Price (65)

    He is the embodiment of the American dream. Born the son of a working-class man in the Bronx, the hotelier is now one of the richest men in the country.

  • Theodor von Gollwitz  (48)
    Theodor von Gollwitz (48)

    The baron with German roots is one of the most successful talent agents in Hollywood. The victim, Monique Moreau, was one of the stars signed by him.

  • Brigitte Dupont (34)
    Brigitte Dupont (34)

    The determined publisher is editor-in-chief of a renowned fashion magazine. As a woman in an executive position, she is a real exception by 1960s standards.

  • Olivia Wilson (38)
    Olivia Wilson (38)

    Dóra’s old schoolfriend is the sole heiress of a British porcelain manufacturer. The proud Brit has travelled from England especially for the party.

  • Dóra Galor-Price (39)
    Dóra Galor-Price (39)

    The world-famous actress distanced herself from the film business a few years ago in order to marry Frederic Price.

  • Jack O’Connor  (42)
    Jack O’Connor (42)

    The up-and-coming senator of youthful appearance hails from Connecticut, and could well become the next US president.

  • Gustaf Hellström (37)
    Gustaf Hellström (37)

    The doctor from Sweden is a psychiatrist to high society. He is a good friend of Baron Gollwitz.

  • Madeleine O’Connor (31)
    Madeleine O’Connor (31)

    Jack’s wife was born a Dupont. She is Brigitte’s younger sister. She is quiet, discreet and has an acute sense of style. And the press love her for it.

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