Recipe ideas and menu suggestions

A Muder Mystery offers the opportunity to have a relaxed and fun evening with friends, family or work colleagues. The food should not be missing either. So that you as the host don't have to stand in the kitchen forever, recipes that you can prepare together as a group, for example, are best suited. Ideal dishes are e.g. raclette, fondue, wraps, summer rolls or a buffet where each guest can bring something. If you have a little more time and desire, then we also recommend a classic 3-course meal.

Ideally, the food should be thematically related to the Murder Mystery case you have chosen. The food should match the plot of the mystery dinner. For example, you can create a menu of dishes that fit the setting and/or the characters particularly well. For example, Mediterranean cuisine with fish goes particularly well with "Murder Overboard". After all, the fiery Italian ship's cook Antonio is cooking on board the luxury yacht!

We have put together a suitable menu suggestion for your dinner party. You can find them directly on the page of the respective case. By the way, there we offer you further additional materials such as decoration ideas or costume suggestions. Please note: Our recipes and menu suggestions are only suggestions. You can also cook something completely different or opt for a buffet or raclette, for example. The plot of the case is not bound to you cooking a certain menu.

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When is the food served at a Murder Mystery Party?

Basically, there are two ways in which you can integrate the food into the Murder Mystery. Which option you choose depends on your personal preferences and the food that is served.

Eating during the breaks between the rounds

You serve the individual courses between the rounds. In this case, of course, your break will last not just 10 minutes, but as long as it takes you to eat. You do not have to hurry. An order could be, for example, as follows:

  • Appetizer after the prologue (before round 1)
  • Appetizer after round 1
  • Main course after round 2
  • Dessert after round 3

This option works best if you have chosen one of our menu suggestions and you want to show off the food to its best advantage. The disadvantage is that you have to be careful not to disappear too long in the kitchen when you participate in the Murder Mystery yourself.

Eat during the Murder Mystery

In this option, you simply eat while discussing the murder case. With a menu, you can serve the individual courses either during the rounds or simply when your guests are hungry. This version is very flexible and is especially suitable if the food itself has an "event character" or if it is finger food, i.e. if you prepare the food together at the table anyway. This applies, for example, to fondue, raclette, but also to Asian summer rolls. Or you can make a finger food buffet where each guest can bring something.