5 – 7 Players

Murder Overboard


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The successful start-up founder Max Hubbard invited his school friends on a yacht trip. Everyone was reminiscing about old memories until the evening took a tragic turn. Max’s wife Eleanor suddenly disappeared without a trace.



Max’s invitation to join him on a yacht trip came as a surprise. Your old circle from school hadn’t met up for two years. Since then, your lives had slowly drifted in different directions. The reunions had been less and less frequent.

Max had rented a luxurious motor yacht, with its own captain and cook, and late in the afternoon the vessel left the harbour. Antonio, the chef, served a fantastic five-course dinner in the evening. The champagne corks popped and everybody raised a glass to good times in the past. Everyone had plenty of stories to tell.

But the trip took a dramatic turn in the course of the night. By the time Max went to bed at around midnight, his wife Ella had disappeared. Max alerted everyone, and you all searched the ship from top to bottom. At first, everyone thought it was a prank. But when you found a pool of blood on deck, it was clear something bad must have happened.

Captain Steward has notified the police and coastguard. But there is little hope of finding Ella alive. Until the emergency services arrive, you will have to solve the mystery by yourselves. What happened this evening? Has there been a murder on board?

Circle of Suspects

Slip into these roles for one night.

  • Max Hubbard (31)
    Max Hubbard (31)

    He is a young, aspiring entrepreneur who likes to flaunt his wealth and success.

  • Sarah Merton  (31)
    Sarah Merton (31)

    She’s made a career from her perfect appearance and her penchant for fashion. She works as a model.

  • James Hubbard  (30)
    James Hubbard (30)

    He originally founded the company with his brother. But at a time of need he was forced to sell his share of the company to Max.

  • Julian Steward (56)
    Julian Steward (56)

    He’s been sailing the seas his whole life. With a pipe in his mouth, he likes to tell exciting tales about his life.

  • Angeline Holmes (30)
    Angeline Holmes (30)

    She works as a manager at Max’s company. She is a strong, confident woman who recently came out as a lesbian.

  • Antonio Colucci  (38)
    Antonio Colucci (38)

    Fiery Italian blood flows through the veins of the ship’s cook. He loves good food, good wine, and especially beautiful women.

  • Mary Sherman (29)
    Mary Sherman (29)

    She’s finally got together with James after years of waiting. She works as a bookseller.

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