What is a murder mystery game?

You and your guests slip into the roles of the main suspects of an exciting murder case. The objective of the game is to convict the perpetrator – one of the people sitting with you at the table. This can only be achieved if the players discuss the course of events amongst themselves and compare their experiences of what happened. But be careful: Each character (including you!) has their own dark secrets which they’d be better off keeping to themselves.

Murder Mystery Party Game

You all gather in the wake of the crime and attempt to piece together your memories, with the aim of identifying the perpetrator. In each round, you recall more and more about the circumstances of the crime, as each round deals with a different period of time from the evening the crime was committed. At the end, everyone votes on who should be handed over to the police as the suspect.

Culinario Mortale is a highly interactive game. There are only a few rules, and no pre-prepared dialogue. The focus is on working through the puzzles and discussing the events together.

Alongside a well-structured game manual, each game contains game booklets for between five and eight characters (the number of players for each game can be found on the packaging and here on our website). In the game booklets, each guest will find their personal clues and a description of their role. Each game booklet also includes a brief overview of how the game works. As such, all players can jump right in. The support code included with your Culinario Mortale game will allow you to download the role descriptions in advance from our website in PDF format, and easily send them to your guests via email.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to receive praise, feedback and suggestions. Send your feedback or question by email to: support @ culinario-mortale.com