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Shadow over Westongrove Manor


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Somebody attempted to poison the old company patriarch, Anthony Westongrove. But Anthony survived the cowardly murder attempt and is now trying to find the perpetrator so he can remove them from his will.


Some time ago, the old company patriarch and rich businessman Anthony Westongrove invited his children to the grand family manor to celebrate his 70th birthday yesterday.

Once all of the family members arrived at the manor on Friday afternoon, an extravagant feast was served at 7:00 pm. It promised to be a wonderful evening ...

But the birthday celebration came to an unpleasant end when Anthony was rushed to hospital during the night after feeling faint. Concerned, the entire family stayed at Westongrove Manor and waited for the head of the family to make his return. Today, on Saturday afternoon, Anthony was finally released from the hospital. His unconsciousness turned out to be caused by poisoning. It would appear that one of the guests was after his blood.

Anthony wishes to resolve the matter within the family. Which is why everyone present has come together again this evening. The question is: What happened yesterday evening? Who tried to kill Westongrove?

Circle of Suspects

Slip into these roles for one night.

  • Catherine Binks (33)
    Catherine Binks (33)

    Catherine’s husband, and Anthony Westongrove’s arch-enemy. He has worked for a large trade union since early in his youth.

  • Jonathan Binks (37)
    Jonathan Binks (37)

    Catherine’s husband, and Anthony Westongrove’s arch-enemy. He has worked for a large trade union since early in his youth.

  • Emily Sanders (31)
    Emily Sanders (31)

    Sebastian’s girlfriend works as a public relations consultant. Her beauty opens many doors for her.

  • Harold Storrow  (57)
    Harold Storrow (57)

    The slightly peculiar gardener has worked at Westongrove Manor for half his life.

  • Sebastian Westongrove (36)
    Sebastian Westongrove (36)

    Sebastian, Anthony’s son, sees himself as future head of the family. He is prepared to do anything it takes to transcend his father.

  • Emma Bramley  (39)
    Emma Bramley (39)

    She joined the manor around five years ago as the housekeeper.

  • Richard Marshall  (29)
    Richard Marshall (29)

    He is the illegitimate son of Anthony Westongrove.

  • Anthony Westongrove (70)
    Anthony Westongrove (70)

    Mr. Westongrove, the evening’s host, sits right at the top of one of the last great family-owned enterprises.

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