Frequent Questions

We’ve collected together some of the questions people frequently ask about our murder mystery dinner games. If you have a question which is not listed here, please do contact us.

If one of your game booklets has gone missing, or you would like to download the role descriptions so you can send them to your guests, you can do this in our download area.

Your games specify a different number of players, for example 5 – 7, how does this work?

I have no experience with role-playing games. How hard is it?

One of my game booklets has gone missing. What should I do?

What does ‘male characters can be played by women and vice versa’ mean?

Do I need to be able to act?

Does the murderer know right from the start that they are the murderer?

Do I have to dress up?

How long do your murder mystery dinners take?

What age are the games appropriate for?

As a host, how can I prepare for the evening?

I can’t cook! Do I really need to prepare food?