A Recipe for Death


During the New Year’s Eve party at the famous Osgood restaurant, the renowned three-star chef George Osgood was found dead. What happened? Who murdered the old gourmet king so soon before his retirement?

For 5 – 7 players: 0 female and 0 male roles ()
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It was New Year’s Eve at the luxurious restaurant, The Osgood, which sits majestically atop a mountain ridge above a posh ski resort town in the Rocky Mountains. It had been snowing heavily since the morning, and the three-star chef George Osgood had closed his renowned establishment, as he did every year, in order to celebrate with his family and employees in an intimate setting.

At 63, George wanted to retire in the new year. That’s why he announced that he would be revealing his successor this evening. Everyone was awaiting his decision with bated breath.

The two chefs, Marcus and Henry, both vying to be George’s successor, served an impressive four-course menu. Everyone ate and drank copious amounts. The evening promised to be an unforgettable one.

To everyone’s surprise, George did not announce his successor during dinner, but by midnight, when the New Year was due to be welcomed with a glass of champagne on the terrace, the evening has taken an unfortunate turn. As the fireworks display over Aspen Mountain started flaring up on the horizon, the renowned chef was found dead on the terrace. Judging by the position of his body, somebody had thrown him head first over the balcony.

The police were informed immediately. Because of the heavy snow, they will not reach the on-mountain restaurant for another few hours. Until the authorities arrive, you are all on your own in solving the mystery. What happened this evening? How could this New Year’s celebration have ended so tragically?


For 5 – 7 players: 0 female and 0 male roles (). Male roles can be played by women and vice versa (What does that mean?)


Suitable from 18 years


2 – 4 hours

Game content

1 Game Manual, 7 Game Booklets, 1 Incident Booklet (includes of prologue, incidents, solution), 7 name badges, 1 support code

Here you will find recipe ideas, playlists, and suggestions for costume and decoration.

Menu suggestions Starter

The Osgood restaurant sees only the best of fine dining. As a starter, the kitchen recommends Smoked salmon.

Main course

As a main course, the chefs serve Venison Wellington with caramelised onions and port jus. Those who prefer a meat-free alternative might like to serve a vegetarian wellington.


The menu is rounded off with Baked Welsh cake cheesecake.


We have created a mood board with various ideas.

The Circle of Suspects

  • Illustration of Penelope Osgood

    Penelope Osgood (35)

    As beautiful as she is lazy, the wife of the late restaurant owner George Osgood spends most of her time with her girlfriends in the restaurant’s bar.

  • Illustration of Albert Osgood

    Albert Osgood (58)

    Since being fired by his brother George many years ago, Albert has started his own business as an organic farmer in New Mexico.

  • Illustration of Alice Cartwright

    Alice Cartwright (20)

    She is the young apprentice at the restaurant. Her sensitive nature, combined with the rough day-to-day life of a busy kitchen, means there’s often something bothering her.

  • Illustration of Henry Archer

    Henry Archer (38)

    With all of his tattoos and piercings, Henry is the rebel in the kitchen. He sees cooking as an art form rather than a profession.

  • Illustration of Samantha Richards

    Samantha Richards (42)

    Albert’s ex-girlfriend and manager of George’s restaurant, she is always hyped up and stressed out.

  • Illustration of Marcus Abel

    Marcus Abel (46)

    He is also a chef, and Henry’s immediate rival. If Henry is the artist, Marcus is the level-headed craftsman.

  • Illustration of Christine Walker

    Christine Walker (38)

    Christine is Penelope’s best friend. The two can often be found together drinking a glass of champagne at the bar.