Deadly Fame


During the premiere, Juliet thrusts a stage dagger into herself on stage in front of a full house. As Juliet dies, it becomes clear – Somebody must have switched the prop with a real dagger.

For 5 – 8 players: 4 female and 4 male roles ()
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Welcome to the exciting world of Minebury City Theater! You have all been working towards this premiere for a long time: “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare.

But the production seems ill-fated. Patrick was rejected a few weeks ago when he asked Juliet’s hand in marriage. As a result, everyone was anxious to see how it would turn out when the two lead actors appeared on stage together. At first the premiere seemed to run smoothly. At 8:00 pm, the curtain rose in front of a full house. The play lasted three hours including the intermission.

At the end of the play, at 11:00 pm, the tragedy occurred: Juliet had picked up the stage dagger behind the stage from among the other props. She dramatically thrust the blade into her body. At first the audience was enthralled by her impressive performance. But when Patrick saw Juliet’s blood and called out for a doctor, the audience realized what they had just witnessed was in fact a real tragedy: Somebody had switched the stage dagger with a real knife.

Arriving shortly after, the emergency services could do nothing but pronounce Juliet dead at the scene. The question is: which of the people present is responsible for Juliet’s gruesome death?


For 5 – 8 players: 4 female and 4 male roles (). Male roles can be played by women and vice versa (What does that mean?)


Suitable from 18 years


2 – 4 hours

Game content

1 Game Manual, 8 Game Booklets, 1 Incident Booklet (includes of prologue, incidents, solution), 8 name badges, 1 support code

Here you will find recipe ideas, playlists, and suggestions for costume and decoration.

Menu suggestions Starter

As a starter we recommend Bread and tomato soup.

Main course

For the premiere party we suggest Cajun salmon with rosemary sweet potato wedges.


A cake or torte will make the perfect dessert, e.g. Salted Caramel–Chocolate Tart.


We have prepared our Epic Fame Playlist for you on Spotify.

The Circle of Suspects

  • Illustration of Paul Hopkins

    Paul Hopkins (49)

    The theater manager and director is spoiled by success.

  • Illustration of Patrick Bradshaw

    Patrick Bradshaw (34)

    The brilliantly handsome Patrick was, many years ago, voted actor of the year.

  • Illustration of Irina Ivanova

    Irina Ivanova (22)

    Fresh out of drama school she recently joined the company, but has so far been unable to secure herself a role.

  • Illustration of Katie Reynolds

    Katie Reynolds (30)

    As Paul’s assistant director, she has to hold her nerve. Katie dreams of her own first production.

  • Illustration of Paul Hopkins

    Daniel Henderson (24)

    With his glassy eyes he is the perfect actor to play deranged characters. The press praises him highly.

  • Illustration of Melissa Silver

    Melissa Silver (28)

    Katie’s partner works at the theater as a costume designer.

  • Illustration of Ronald Ambrose

    Ronald Ambrose (50)

    He is the organizational brain of the theater and the kind-hearted soul of the house.

  • Illustration of Rita Stewart

    Rita Stewart (31)

    Rita was hired just this season as the new prompter. She would have liked to become an actress herself.