Information for authors

You have an idea for a new case? You have played all our games and therefore and started to make up your own story? Then we would love to hear about it.

We welcome submissions of manuscripts and review them conscientiously. Please don't be disappointed if we turn you down. Often stories do not fit our programmatic plans or we have a similar setting already published or in development. Unfortunately, we cannot always write a detailed explanation / critique when we reject a submission. We ask for your understanding. You can send your submissions to

Murder Mystery submissions

If you would like to send us an idea for a mystery dinner, please make sure that your idea your idea fits into our game concept. Murder Mystery Games differ significantly in their in their concept and implementation.

In addition, we would ask you to consider the following points:

  • In any case, please submit the solution and at least one Game Booklet, otherwise we will not be able to review your idea.

  • Please let us know for how many people the case is (incl. role distribution).

  • Please also let us know the status of your work: Is it a synopsis or a finished manuscript? Have you already tested the case?

  • Please do not submit your manuscript to several publishers at the same time. This is not forbidden, but we (and also the other publishers) invest a lot of time and resources in reading and reviewing submitted manuscripts. Therefore, we expect fairness and respect on both sides.

Submission of other game ideas

Do you have an idea for another game in the crime genre or a concept for a new cooperative game? cooperative game? Then surprise us - we are open to new ideas. Please give us a brief Please present your idea briefly and send us everything you think is necessary to understand it.

For us, it's the idea or the concept that counts. We don't expect you to come to us with a fully developed, finished game. We would much rather work with you and develop ideas together. Please note that regular board games, regardless of genre, do not fit into our programme.